Plasticase strives to provide you with a first-class experience when out in the field. Accessorize your versatile adventures with padded dividers, cubed and solid foam, waterproof panels and neoprene shoulder straps.

Cubed foam

Made of high quality polyurethane foam, the multi-layered set of customizable inserts includes a pre-scored removable layer. This layer consists of foam squares that can be removed in various configurations to accommodate the contents of the case. This solution is ideal if you are seeking a quick and easy way to protect and organize your items.

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Cubed Foam
Padded Dividers

Padded dividers

If you require compartmentalized protective organization of your components or equipment, our padded dividers are the right choice. Easily tailored to your needs with repositionable hook and loop fasteners, our padded dividers are designed to easily organize and protect your equipment. *Available on NANUK 905, 908, 915, 918, 920, 923, 925, 930, 933, 935, 940, 945, 950, 960 cases.

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Aluminum/Lexan panel kits

An aluminum or Lexan panel kit can easily be added to any of our cases thanks to our integrated bezel system. Included in our aluminum panel kit is a contoured 1/8″ thick aluminum panel with stainless steel mounting screws and an adhesive backed die-cut waterproofing gasket. Our Lexan panel kit is contoured by a 3/16″ thick polycarbonate panel with stainless steel mounting screws and an adhesive backed die-cut waterproofing gasket. *Not available on NANUK 990 – 995 LONG Series.

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Panel Kits
Shoulder Strap

Shoulder strap

Our neoprene shoulder strap incorporates Aircell™ comfort technology to reduce fatigue when transporting your case. The shoulder strap can easily be attached to all NANUK cases without any additional hardware.*Compatible with NANUK 905 – 945 cases.

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TSA Accepted lock

TSA Accepted lock offer the security of a padlock but can easily be opened and inspected by airport security and then locked again. A visual indicator lets you know when the case has been opened with a security agent tools.

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TSA Padlock
TSA Latch Retrofit Kit

TSA Latch retrofit kit

We found a way to make our patented PowerClaw latches even better, they are now lockable! The easy to install retrofit kit can be installed on many NANUK cases and adds another layer of security to your case. All our TSA Latches bear the Travel Sentry® Red Diamond logo which allows security personnel to open your case for inspection when required during travel. Each lock has a special code TSA001 to TSA003, which is used by the TSA, CATSA and other security agencies to know which secure tool to use to open the lock. *Compatible with NANUK 908 – 918 – 920 – 925 – 933 – 935 – 940 – 945 – 950 – 960 cases.

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Desiccant containers

NANUK reusable desiccant containers protect all types of sensitive gear from deterioration, corrosion, mold and other damage caused by moisture or high humidity. Simply place the desiccant container inside the case along with your items. The desiccant container will absorb up to 34% of its own weight in water vapor to rapidly remove moisture and keep your case dry to protect against damage.

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Silica Gel Canister