NANUK brand ambassador

Pro User Alain Denis
Alain Denis Freelance Photographer

"As a freelance Adventure photographer, I find myself in many extreme shooting conditions. Shooting surfers from the sandy beach or hanging from a rope 100 feet in the air shooting rock climbers."

"I use Nanuk cases to keep my camera gear protected, ​whether I​’m Rock climbing, Ice climbing, mountain climbing, paddle boarding, or simply hiking. I will always carry a Nano in my backpack for my cell phone, small camera, external hard drives, memory cards or any important items ​I need​ to protect.​"

"As​ my ​go-to​ case, the 905 fits one lens and body perfectly. Out in the field, I carry a 925 with a shoulder strap that fits 3 lenses and a camera body. When traveling overseas, I use a 935 on wheels which is the perfect size as a carry​-​on for planes. ​When s​hooting events or weddings, the 950 on wheels is the ultimate case to have.​"

"​The well​-​design​ed​ clips, handles​, and shoulder straps are the best on the market. And​,​ ​let’s not forget​ the sexy colours.​"

"After dropping a 905 from a ​25-foot rock face and getting pounded by 3​-​foot waves on my paddle board, I ​must​ to say that my Nanuk cases ​have​ saved a lot of my gear.​"

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