NANUK brand ambassador

Pro User Christophe Brizard
Christophe Brizard Founder of Hop Media

"I’m the founder of Hop Media, a video production company based in Montreal (Canada). I started this project from a hobby I had with a single camera and few accessories. Now, our brand is growing fast, and so is our video equipment inventory (multiple cameras, drones, audio equipment, stabilizers, etc). We travel around a lot to shoot various projects and we need gear protection that we can rely on, even in the worst conditions possible. Having NANUK products to do so is perfect for us and it provides us with the confidence needed to push our boundaries. With their custom made cases, we can use NANUK cases for every equipment we have. With my engineer degree, which allows me to appreciate product designs and overall quality, I consider NANUK products to be the most versatile, lightweight, and highest quality cases on the market right now."

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