NANUK brand ambassador

Pro user Lea Speed
Lea Speed Competition Shooter

"​When driving out to the desert to do some shooting, which might take an hour or two, it is key to not forget something you might need​,​ ​like​ a magazine, a suppressor, or an entire handgun. I noticed over time​,​ as I acquired more firearms​,​ ​that ​making decisions on what to bring on a range outing became more and more difficult, and my soft cases and range bags started to proliferate wildly​.​ ​I soon found myself having a hard​ time finding accessories, finding firearms (looking through 6 pockets and digging under other things), and it was hard to keep expensive gear from bumping other gear with potentially bad outcomes. The Nanuk 6-pistol case solved my organization​al​ problem and kept​ my pistols safe even ​when placed​ in a packed vehicle​,​ which ​could​ contain heavy steel targets.​"

"For my rifle, the Nanuk allows me to keep all its magazines and other accessories​,​ like suppressors and rangefinders​,​ right with the rifle itself ​and​ fully protected from whatever might occur during transport. This ​case makes​ it easier​ to transport all the things I want to take with me to the range without any wasted trips due to missing items or ​getting​ damage in transit.​"

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