NANUK brand ambassador

Pro User National Geographic
Martin Edström National Geographic Explorer

"In many ways, I have the best job in the world. I get to meet wonderful people and document important stories all over the world.​"

"In other ways, my job is a lot about logistics​ ​… ​c​omplicated logistics. Getting all of the gear we need for a shoot to the remote corners of the world can mean anything from shaky domestic flights in Nepal to 17​-​hour ​canoe rides​ down the Amazon. ​No matter where we go,​ I want the equipment to arrive safely.​"

"That’s why I rely on Nanuk. These cases are just what I need​—​robust, trustworthy, ​and​ lightweight companions. No matter where the road may take​s​ me, I know they will get my gear there safely.​"

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