NANUK brand ambassador

Pro User Outdoor Experience
Carlin Riley and Ian McCleary Hosts of The Real Outdoor Experience

We started The Real Outdoor Experience to help people learn various aspects of the outdoors “from passion to plate.” Our pursuit of everything outdoors has lead us all over North America and ​such demanding travels can be very hard on our equipment. Protection from everything​, from​ baggage handlers and turbulence, to rain, mud​ ​and snow​—​while strapped to the back of an ATV​—​our rifles, cameras​, and sound equipment are trusted ​to no other than ​Nanuk​.

We have many cases ​ranging​ from the Nano series to the Long series, and all are trusted with a very important mission in mind​: protect our gear! Nanuk cases are engineered tough and can handle virtually any type of environment they are thrust into. The PowerClaw latch is by far the best on the market, and Nanuk backs all their products up with a lifetime warranty.​ ​If you spend a lot of time outdoors and want to keep your valuable gear safe, Nanuk is an easy choice ​to make​.​ ​We will only endorse products ​that​ we use and trust ourselves, and such ​an​ incredibly tough product, ​which is ​backed with the best warranty ​in the business​, makes Nanuk the only choice for us.

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