NANUK custom case solutions further expand your horizons. Foam interiors, printing, paneling and custom coloring all contribute to a case fully equipped for the job.



NANUK protective cases are designed for people going places. And like all exciting journeys, yours is sure to encounter a bumpy path or two along the way. Custom foam interiors keep your gear safe and snug during transport. No shifting, no scratches. All surface areas receive proper support, no matter what shape or size your equipment comes in.



Let NANUK wear your brand like a badge of honor, showcasing it everywhere it goes. Plasticase can print your business’s artwork on to your NANUK cases. Display your logo or product branding in full color or black and white. Plasticase’s experienced Graphic designers will work with you to convey your message beautifully. Leave your mark.



Equal parts protection and versatility, NANUK cases can be customized with special panels for your instruments. Take full advantage of Plasticase’s OEM housing solutions and provide its case specialists with your equipment specs. They’ll integrate the perfect panel kit system for your displays and other sensitive electronics.



NANUK protective cases are available in 10 colors. This vivid versatility comes in handy when out hunting with your forest green LONG series or if your job requires something that stands out like a safety orange. And if the color you need isn’t on the palate, Plasticase’s design team will be more than happy to develop a custom tone just for you. Simply provide them with the swatch.

Minimum quantities required.

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