NANUK custom case solutions further expand your horizons. Foam interiors, printing, paneling and custom coloring all contribute to a case fully equipped for the job.

Case Printing


Let Plasticase wear your brand like a badge of honor, showcasing it everywhere it goes. Plasticase can print your business’s artwork on to your cases. Display your logo or product branding in full color or black and white. Plasticase’s experienced Graphic designers will work with you to convey your message beautifully. Leave your mark

Foam Interiors


If your application requires a customized solution for holding the contents of your protective hard sided case, our custom foam interior option is the way to go. Custom foam interiors provide the absolute best protection and support for you delicate equipment. They ensure that there is no shifting of your equipment during transport within our tough protective cases, which could lead to scratches or damage. Furthermore, custom foam ensures that all surface areas receive the proper support within our durable protective case, regardless of irregular equipment geometry

Custom Panels


Not just a watertight case: our case interior specialists can help you incorporate your electronic instruments into NANUK watertight cases. With our integrated panel kit system you can take full advantage of our OEM housing solution. Simply provide us with your equipment specifications and we will develop an innovative portable unit tailored specifically to your needs.