NANUK lends a hand to some of the most demanding professions in the world. Industries including law enforcement, the military and oil all count on NANUK protective cases to get the job done worry-free. Knowing the gear gets there without incident helps keep the task at hand top of mind.



NANUK’s innovative design is embraced by creative professionals. Lightweight, built-for-anything camera cases and audio-visual storage devices let photographers and videographers chase the perfect shot—from the streets of New York to the sandy vistas of the Sahara.



Plasticase is dedicated to finding the perfect packaging solution for our clients. We analyze the end user’s needs and develop an innovative solution that will exceed the highest of expectations. Our expertise in designing custom foam interiors, printing and systems integration sets us apart from the competition allowing us to offer a turnkey solution. Keeping in line with the NANUK spirit of simplified customization, the protective webs are easy to remove. An intuitive 2-hook clip system allows for easy partial detachment to insert your items, while the 2 lower attachment screws can be easily removed to detach the web completely.


NANUK cases are trusted by the medical community. When it comes to the tools that save lives, secure travel and accessibility are paramount. Defibrillators, portable imaging devices and scanners all get around safe thanks to NANUK’s durable shell.


The rugged dependability of NANUK makes it the clear choice for public safety professionals around the world. Firemen, ambulance drivers and other emergency services all rely on NANUK protective cases to get them to the scene, gear intact.


The mining and oil sector is one of the most daunting environments for sensitive, costly equipment. NANUK’s reliable construction ensures valuable time and money is not lost replacing or repairing gear damaged on the job or during transport. Technicians in the field rely on NANUK.


NANUK proudly supplies military and law enforcement departments around the world. Protective cases are designed to the strictest MIL Spec standards to ensure weapons and communications equipment stay secure in high-stress, high-impact environments.


Outdoor enthusiasts and outfitters require versatile protection for their expensive cameras, smartphones and GPS. Lightweight and ranging in sizes from the stylish NANO series to the SMALL and MEDIUM series, NANUK protective cases shield valuable gear from big impacts, dust and water. They’re the perfect companions for your next kayak excursion or hike.


Hunters and shooting enthusiasts appreciate the protection offered by the wide range of sizes in the NANUK case line. We specialize in carrying solutions for handguns, hunting rifles, shotguns along with archery equipment. We guarantee safe transport and protection of your firearms on your next hunting or shooting excursion.


Plasticase works directly with OEM manufacturers to produce NANUK cases tailored to specific gear and brands (GoPro and 3DR being two popular examples). NANUK WHEELED cases serve especially well as these mobile workstations. The multiple handle lift points and heavy duty wheels give bigger loads easy mobility.